Seminar in Vecsés - 13th April and 25th September 2012

Good use of energy from renewable sources in european Union: Present and Future.
The use of geothermal energy in Hungary

Hotel Stacio - Vecsés
25th September 2012

Tuesday, 25th September 2012


Conference lecturers‘ presentation
Csaba Szlahó - Mayor of Vecsés Municipality - Conference opening speech (HU)
István Loránd Szakáli, Managing director - Ministry for National Economy, Hungary - welcome speech  (HU)

Dr. Miklós Antics, Managing director, GPC IP - International Geothermal Association European - The road ahead for geothermal development in Europe (EN)
Paulo Farinha Luís and António Simões, Sertã Municipality, Portugal - Renewable Energy - previous experience and learned lessons (EN)
Dr. Béla Ádám, President, Hungarian Heat Pumps Association - Heat pumps heating and cooling opportunities in Hungary (HU)
Maria Rugina, ICEMERG, Romania - Good practices in renewable energy development in Romania (EN)

Attila Kujbus, managing director, Geotermia Expressz Kft. - Geothermal energy production in Hungary - Today and Tomorrow (HU)
Ruud Guyt, Sittard Geleen Municipality, Netherlands - Good practices in renewable energy development in the Netherlands (EN)
Endre Bitay, CEO Vikuv Vízkutató és Fúró Zrt. - Thermal water research in Hungary (HU)
Péter Práczki, project manager, Vecsés Municipality, Hungary - RETS program good practices in the use of renewable energy (EN/HU)

Ferenc Tábori - deputy mayor of Vecsés Municipality - closing speach



Education and Renewable Energy International Seminar

Craftmen’s Association Office of Vecsés
13th April 2012


Friday, 13th April 2012

Szlahó Csaba - Mayor of Vecsés Municipality - Welcome Speech

Dr. Éri Vilma, Center for Environmental Studies Foundation, Budapest – Renewable Energies and Education
Catherine Ledig, ADEC, France – Green skills - RETS and education, flaws and weaknesses: the challenge; and Good practices about GEDD master degree at Strabourg University (France)
Dr. Kerekes Sándor - Corvinus University Budapest, Hungry - Corporate sustainability and social responsibility
Maria Rugina, ICEMENERG, Romania - Contribution of school to the ecological education of young people in Romania
Vlasta Krmelj, ENERGAP, Maribor, Slovenia – To teach about the sustainable energy

Bíró Péter, Association of Climate friend Settlements, Hungry - Environmental protection HU
Yvonne Jones, Swansea University, Wales, United Kingdom - Swansea University - Contributing to Education for Sustainable Development
Trombitás Gábor, European Civil Coordination Association, Hungry - Complex implementation of renewable energy in association form for creating domestic self-sufficiency systems
Duncan Richmond, Wales Eco Centre, United Kingdom - Supporting Education for Sustainable Development in Wales
Peter Wolf, Bürger Europas, Germany - European Online Learning DE
Péter Práczki, Vecsés Municipality, Hungry - Teaching about energy HU
Mátyás Balaton and Jámbor Gergő, The secondary school of József Attila in Monor - Parabolic solar oven
Turchany Guy, World Council Hungarian University Professors - Tolerable development and Green “respectable” education