Seminars in Geleen and Maastricht - 14th - 15th November 2011

Building Regional Smart Grids Seminar
14th – 15th November 2011
Chemelot Campus – Geleen
Provinciehuis Limburg - Maastricht


Monday, 14th November 2011
Chemelot Campus - Geleen
Chemelot Gate 2 (Campus)


Welcome address and opening
Nelleke Barning - Morning opening session
E.J. Bret de Vries, Deputy Director General for Energy, Telecommunications and Competition, Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation - Government policy: Green Deal
L. van Nistelrooy, Member of the European Parliament - Europe 20/20/20

A. Nicolaï, DMS, Netherlands - Chemical Industry Challenge: Bio-based?
Martjn Wagener - Creating a Biobased Economy: BBE park Cuijk


Nelleke Barning - Afternoon opening session
Hans-Jochen Luhmann, Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Energy and Environment, Germany - Germany’s recent withdrawal from nuclear energy and its RES increase implications
René Kemp - Transformative innovation: breaking with the past

Ed Rousseau, DMS, Netherlands - Value chain renewable energies
Peter Praczki, Vecsés, Hungary - Can RES save the decline of industrial society
Debate and closing session

Monday, 15th November 2011
Provinciehuis Limburg – Maastricht
Address:  Gouvernement
Limburglaan 10
6229 GA Randwyck-Maastricht


Welcome address and opening
Ruud Schoufs - Morning opening session,
Ad de Man, Waterschapsbedrijf, Limburg, Netherlands - Energy from wastewater (sewers)
Egbert-Jan Sol, TNO – Innovation for Life, Netherlands – Chemergy

Paul Hamm - The convenient answer: Biomass


Ruud Schoufs -  Afternoon opening session
Ruud Guyt, Helderman of Sittard-Geleen, Netherlands - Regionale energy systems; connecting with the Green Net (NL)
Patrick van der Broek, Province of Limburg, Netherlands - Sustainable energy plant Limburg

Catherine Ledig, ADEC, France - RETS and education: flaws and weaknesses - the challenge
Jean-Philippe Rieu - Who or what are we waiting for?
Jacques. Kimman, Hogeschool Zuyd, Netherlands - Sustainability close to home (NL)
Ruud Schoufs - Debate and closing session