Seminar in Pézenas - 27th - 28th September 2011


Renewable Energies Transfer System (RETS) Seminar
Pézenas - France
September 2011

Tuesday, 27th September 2011

Modules 1 and 2 – Seminar on renewable energy and the local territory

Welcome address by the Mayor of Pézenas, President of SICTOM Agde-Pézenas, Vice-President of the Communauté d’ Agglomeration Hérault-Mediterrané
Alain Vogel-Singer

Welcome address by President of Hérault - Energies, Conseiller General of Ganges
Mr Jacques Rigaud

Opening of the symposium by the Vice-President of the Languedoc-Roussillon Regional Council
Mr Yves Pietrasanta

Catherine Ledig, ADEC, France - RETS project, of modesty in the service of ambition (EN)
Raphaëlle Vienot, head of Quality of life service, Environment Management, Languedoc-Roussillon Region – The photovoltaic sector in Languedoc-Roussillon (FR)
Christine Blot, Renewable Energies business pole, Chamber of Commerce of Perpignan and Pyrénées Orientale, in charge of IMEDER and Club EnR 66 – Presentation of IMEDER: renewable energies professional network around the Mediterranean (FR)
Dominique Volot, Director of Urban Planning, Sogreah, Arthelia group – Geothermal energy, a perspective for Pézenas (FR)
Markus Bauer, IHK Zetis, Germany - Solar energy (EN)
Video presented by Zetis Partner - The Internet of Energy, and Smart Grids respectively, will change the way we live, think and act - a nice animation of the future:


Jake Hollyfield, Director, Eco Centre Wales – Wales policy analysis: renewable energy and "green jobs" (EN)
Ruud Guyt, municipal councilor in charge of sustainable development, Sittard-Geleen, the Netherlands - Green Net, a network of heat as a reflection of integration on a communal territory (EN)
Video presented by Sittard-Geleen Partner - Het Groene Net - an animation of the Green Net:
Péter Práczki, PP Connection Kft, Vecsés, Hungary – Degrowth and renewable energies (FR)
Video presented by Vecsés Partner - Tessera Solar International – Avga, Turkye:
Serge Pesce, General Director of Hérault Energies – Energies in the service of the local authorities: the role of Hérault-Energies (FR)
Olivier Fauzan, General Director for Technical Mangement, SICTOM Pézenas-Agde – Can our waste be sustainable? (FR)

Tuesday, 28th September 2011

Module 3 – Study visit to Pyrenees, in Languedoc-Roussillon Region

Visit to Concentration solar furnace in Odeillo, Font-Romeu, Pyrénées Orientales

01-Solar-Furnace.jpg 02-Receptor-mirror.jpg 03-Reflector-mirrors.jpg 04-Solar-concentration-point.jpg 05-high-temperature-at-the-solar-concentration-point.jpg
 Solar Furnace  Receptor mirror  Reflector mirror  Solar concentration point
 High temperature at the solar concentration point
 06-Experiment-using-solar-energy-concentration.jpg  08-Receptor-mirror.jpg  07-Experimemtal-solar-energy-concentration-technology.jpg  09-Reflector-mirrors.jpg  10-RETS-partners.jpg
 Experiment using solar energy concentration  Receptor mirror  Experimental solar energy concentration technology  Reflector mirrors  RETS Partners


Visit of the solar lab: Themis Central, Targassone, Pyrénées Orientales 

 01-Themis-solaire-Innovation.jpg 02-Themis-solar-power-plant.jpg   03-Heliostats-plant-1.jpg 04-Heliostats-plant-2.jpg   05-RETS-partners-during-the-visit.jpg
 Themis solaire innovation  Themis solar power plant
 Heliostats plant 1  Heliostats plant 2  RETS partners during the visit
 06-Heliostats-mirrors.jpg  07-Heliostats-photovoltaic-cells.jpg  08-Different-heliostats.jpg  09-Solar-reflection-on-the-solar-power-tower.jpg  10-Solar-power-tower-(104m).jpg
 Heliostats mirrors  Heliostats photovoltaic cells  Different Heliostats  Solar reflection on the solar power tower  Solar power tower (104 m)


Journey on the “Petit Train Jaune” (small yellow train) functioning with hydro electrical power 

01-Small-yellow-train.jpg 02-Journey-on-the-small-yellow-train---front-side.jpg 03-Journey-on-the-small-yellow-train---back-side.jpg
Small yellow train

Journey on the small yellow train
front side

Journey on the small yellow train
back side