Seminar in Maribor - 12th May, 10th November and 14th December 2011

Ensuring Energy Efficiency, Independence and Sustainability Seminar
14th December 2011
Municipality Building of Maribor
(half day seminar)

Themes: energy efficiency in renovations, new construction and maintenance investment, public procurement. Activities carried out in 2011 and new projects for 2012.

Wednesday, 14th December 2011

Welcome speech, Milan Mikl, Deputy Mayor of Municipality of Maribor
Monika Kirbiš, Project Office of the Municipality of Maribor, Slovenia - Possibilities of financing projects with EU funds (SI)
Marko Rojs, EnergaP, Slovenia - Calls of Slovenian Environmental Public Fund for co-investment in energy efficiency and renewable (SI)

Vlasta Krmelj, EnergaP, Slovenia - Sustainable energy (SI)
•    Following the guidelines and legislation on renewable energy
•    What is the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and what is a carbon footprint?
•    Examples of good practice in the RETS project



RETS Seminar included in the event Energy Management
10th November 2011
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia

This seminar was organized together with local newspaper company was responsible for the sections 1 and 2 (the presentations are not available).
Energap was responsible for the section 3..

Thursday, 10th November 2011

 Opening the Seminar and Welcome speech.

Section1: Energy management - Where to start?
MSc Tomaž Fatur, Solvera Lynx – The first steps of Energy Management
Gregor Simonič, Bureau Veritas – Standards of management systems as a tool to improve environmental and energy efficiency
Blanka Kaker, SIQ – Certification of environmental management systems and energy management systems and EMAS scheme (case study)
Janez Povše, BTC – From the central control up to energy measures (case study)
Matej Bašelj, Krka – From Energy accounting systems to quality of the energy media (case study)

Section 2: Challenges and problems of energy management in industry - best practice
MSc Stane Merše, Center for Energy Efficiency Jozef Stefan Institute - Challenges and problems of energy management in industry
Mirko Horvat, Paloma d.d., Presentation of Paloma
MSc Tomaž Fatur, Solvera Lynx – Challenges and problems of energy management

Peter Praczki, Vecsés, Hungary - Could renewable energies resolve the energy crisis at the end of oil history?

Section3: Opportunities for renewable energy - ENERGAP and RETS project - Transfer of knowledge and experience in the field of renewable energy
Moderator: Vida Petrovčič
Vlasta Krmelj, Energap, Slovenia – RETS presentation (SI)
Jernej Stitrih, Government office of the Republic of Slovenia for Climate change - The switchover strategy in low-carbon society in Slovenia (SI),
Andrej Predin, Faculty of Energy, Slovenia - Energy innovations among students
Franko Nemac, Energy Restructuring Agency, Slovenia – Opportunities with Renewable Energies (SI)
Tanja Mohorič, Hidria, Slovenia – TIGR - Sustainable and Innovative Construction (SI)
Miloš Vignjević, UniCredit Bank Slovenia – How to finance investment in solar power (SI)

Discussed topics: Realistic possibility of implementation and use of RES in the business sector, industry and public sector; Financing in the field of Renewable energy; Green Public Procurement; Public - private partnership; Examples of Best practice, Renewable energy in Law and Practice; Innovation in Renewable energy field;

Business Prizes Award to participants of the seminar



Renewable Energies Transfer System (RETS) seminars
12th May 2011

Thursday, 12th May 2011

Module 1 - All day Study Visit in Linz, Austria.
This Austrian region has examples of good practice from the RES field.

Visit to SolarCity
Volkshaus Pichling-SolarCity, Lunaplatz 4, 4030 Linz

Welcome and introduction by Mag. Christiane Egger
Ing. Reinthaler, Magistrat Linz – Presentation and guided tour through SolarCity (EN)

Visit to Kremsmünster
Ing. Aigner Wasser, Ing. Aigner – Wärme Umwelt GmbH – visit to the Biomass heating plant Kremsmünster
Gerhard Bruckner, environmental office, Municipality of Kremsmünster