Seminar in Stoke on Trent - 22nd - 24th February 2011


Renewable Energies Transfer Systems (RETS) seminars
22nd-24th February 2011
Ashley Building, Staffordshire University

The main objective of RETS is to help improve the knowledge and competencies of local and regional policymakers (decision makers, civil servants...) in renewable energies, so as to facilitate the deployment of coherent and value added strategic renewable energies policies.

The aim of the tailored RES seminars for local authorities is to transfer knowledge, good practices and stimulate policy implementation. This will be done through a series of talks, workshops, small group activities etc.

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Tuesday, 22nd February 2011

Seminar 1: Photo-voltaic policy and practice
Markus Bauer: PV and different ownership models from Germany
Nicolas Jones: PV installation into social housing in Stoke-on-Trent.
Mark Clemson: Training for PV installers.

Seminar 2: Public Policies, planning and RES Regulations
Neil Packer: Feed-In Tariffs and renewable heat initiative policy.
Stephen Stoney: Practical planning for renewable energy.

Wednesday, 23rd February 2011

Seminar 3: Clusters, networking, supply chains and business support
David Terry: Renewable Supply Chain Opportunities - RESCO
Mike Wollacott: Training and Accreditation. 
Catherine Ledig: Clusters and Networking.

Seminar 4: Community Energy
Gordon Walker: Energised Communities?: meanings, motivations and lessons learnt
Matthew Leese: Lessons on community projects from Wales
Bill Cawley: Leek Transition Town/community energy.

Thursday, 24th February 2011 

Seminar 5: Funding streams for Renewable Energy 
Catherine Ledig: European funding streams for Renewable Energy. 
Vlasta Krmelj: Funding streams for Renewable Energy.
Julia Buckley: West Midlands European service: your route to Transnational Funding.

Seminar 6: Wind energy and controversy 
Ruby Hammer: Wind energy policy at the European, national and local level
Charles Le Quesne: Trouble on the horizon: developing onshore wind in England. 
Peter Praczki: Wind energy.

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