Seminar Offer

Seminar 2010

Date Place Description
09/07/2010 Province of  Varese, Italy Promozione delle fonti energetiche rinnovabili:  il G.S.E. incontra i Comuni della Provincia di Varese
13/10/2010 Province of Varese, Italy Training seminar on sites (visite studio)
14/10/2010 Province of Varese, Italy Politiche energetiche Regionali e Provinciali

Seminar 2011

Date Place Description
22/02/2011 Staffordshire University, Stoke on Trent, UK Photo-voltaic policy and practice
Public Policies, planning & RES regulations
23/02/2011 Staffordshire University, Stoke on Trent, UK Clusters, networking, supply chains and business support
Community Energy
24/02/2011 Staffordshire University, Stoke on Trent, UK Funding streams for Renewable Energy
Wind Energy and controversy
10/05/2011 Kaiserslautern, Germany Renewable energies in territories: acceptation, deployment and feedback on experiences
Economic development around Renewable Energies: a growth sector in the Rhein-Pfalz
11/05/2011 Lauterbourg, France Renewable Energies in the Upper Rhine  and is a profitability analysis possible?
Which energy-mix strategy: a puzzle for local authorities
12/05/2011 Strasbourg, France Biomass, challenges and opportunities
Future jobs and skills in the green sector
12/05/2011 Maribor, Slovenia Study Visit in Linz
07/06/2011 Cardiff, Wales Seminar on Renewable Energy in Secondary Schools
14/06/2011 Bucharest, Romania Policies and regulations in the renewable energy  sources valorization field
The role of the local energy agencies in the implementation of the renewable energy sources projects
15/06/2011 Bucharest, Romania Biomass, the energy resource with the highest potential in Romania
Financing of renewable energy sources valorization projects
16/06/2011 Bucharest, Romania Qualification and Training of the workforce on renewable energy
Utilization of solar energy for heat and electricity production
07/07/2011 Sertã, Portugal Best practices
Communication and behavior change
27/09/2011 Pézenas, France Regional Symposium
28/09/2011 Pézenas, France Study Visit to concentration solar furnace
10/11/2011 Maribor, Slovenia Energy Management – where to start?
Challenges and problems of energy management industry – Best Practice
Opportunities for Renewable Energy
14/11/2011 Sittard-Geleen, Netherlands Policies and Energy Transitions for the future
15/11/2011 Sittard-Geleen, Netherlands Good Practices Exchange and Education for Renewables
14/12/2011 Maribor, Slovenia Ensuring Energy Efficiency, Independence and Sustainability


Seminar 2012

Date Place Description
13/03/2012 St Asaph, North Wales Sustainable Energy Best Practice in Europe Regions
14/03/2012 St Asaph, North Wales Study visit to Centre for Alternative Technology
15/03/2012 Swansea, South Wales Sustainable Energy Best Practice in Europe Regions
13/04/2012 Vecsés, Hungary Education and Renewable Energies
25/09/2012 Vecsés, Hungary Good use of energy from Renewable Sources in the European Union: Present and Future.
The use of geothermal energy in Hungary