General Schedule

The RETS project started in January 2010 and will finish in December 2012.

Main project dates


Date Description
03/02/2010 Project Launch conference in Sertã, Portugal
04-05/02/2010 1st Steering Committee Meeting in Sertã, Portugal
27-29/04/2010 1st Study visit to the Upper Rhine Valley in North Alsace, France and Freiburg, Germany
14-15/04/2010 2nd Study visit to West Wales, United Kingdom
15/10/2010 2nd Steering Committee Meeting in Varese, Italy



Date Description
29/03/2011 Intermediary Conference in Sittard-Geleen, Netherlands
30-31/03/2011 3rd Study Visit in Sittard Geleen, the Netherlands
31/03/2011 3rd Steering Committee Meeting in Sittard Geleen, Netherlands
05-06/07/2011 4th Study visit to Pinhel, Portugal
26/09/2011 4th Steering Committee Meeting in Pézenas, France



Date Description
22/03/2012 5th Steering Committee Meeting (Online)
08-09/05/2012 5th  Study Visit to Graz, Austria and Maribor, Slovenia
10-11/07/2012 6th Study visit to Schlweig Holstein, Denmark
16/10/2012 6th Steering Committee Meeting in Strasbourg, France
16/10/2012 Final Conference in Strasbourg, France