RETS Guide for implementing RES at local level

RETS partners wrote a new guide on how to deploy renewable energy at the local level, based on the good practices shared during the project (2012-2012).

The RETS guide explains the current regulatory framework supporting renewable energy, the current growth in different sectors of renewable energy and examples of different types of intervention that are possible, as well as a selection of best practices that have been implemented across Europe.

Designed by local authorities and other partners, this book features actual examples drawn from across Europe that are already working. This work was coordinated by Staffordshire University, United Kingdom.

"The core project activities concerned the creation of simple usable tools for local authorities, in order to help them make informed choices for the implementation of the right renewable energy strategy within their territories." (Catherine Ledig - project leader)

For the complete list of best practices (56) go to Good practice sharing

RETS Guide is available digitally in English pdf.gif (4,17Mo)