RETS Community

One of the main aims of RETS is to create an European renewable energies community for local authorities, bringing experts, practitioners, policy-makers, civil servants, economic actors, farmers, associations and agencies together to illustrate, share, learn, exchange and transfer experience in the domain.

With the advent of the World Wide Web, we tend to suffer today from having too much information available, and unless we are expert in a domain, we have difficulty selecting relevant information and processing the good information from the bad. This is particularly true for small local authorities who need help to find and select the right information to establish their policies and strategies in RES.

The network will provide a concrete physical platform for knowledge exchange and transfer through dedicated study visits to RES sites, thematic seminars in the partner regions, three international dissemination conferences and the publication of a good practice guidebook.

In addition, the RETS project has created an online community in renewable energies (, bringing together local authorities and renewable experts through the use of collaborative tools (Web 2.0 applications, such as a Wiki). In this way, members of the community can find, exchange, discuss and transfer information on renewables in a much more innovative way.

If you are a local authority or an renewable energies expert and are interested in joining the RETS community (access to services is under conditions), please contact