Collaboration with RENREN project

RENREN - Renewable ENergy REgions Network

RETS and RENREN have the same objectives and a geographic overlap which covers almost all EU.
RETS project and RENREN project have the same type of intervention (Regional Initiative Project) and  they are both integrated in Priority 2  (Environment and risk prevention) in the INTERREG IVC Programme.

The aim of Priority 2 is to empower the public authorities and other stakeholders to improve their policies and develop new approaches to improve the quality of environment and to increase the attractiveness of the regions in Europe by means of exchanging knowledge and experience between regions.

RETS collaborate with RENREN project  on the following activities:

  • RENREN project was publicly  presented  in RETS Intermediary Conference in Sittard-Geleen, on  29th March 2011.
  • RETS and RENREN project made a Joint conference during the EU Sustainable Energy Week, in Brussels, on 19th June 2012.
  • RETS and RENREN project made a joint study visit to the crossborder German-Danish region, on 10th and 11th July 2012.
  • RETS and RENREN project organised both final conferences in near dates in October 2012:
    • RETS Final Conference on the 16th October 2012 in Strasbourg;
    • RENREN Final Conference on the 18th October in Brussels;
    • The objective is to take full advantage of all that both projects can share. Both project partners are invited to participate in both conferences.
  • RENREN project also participated in the Networking meeting organised between RETS project and IMEDER Network, in Marseille, on 14th November 2012.

Project presentation

The overall objective of RENREN is to improve regional policies so that existing regional frameworks are optimized to foster and strengthen renewable energy sources. The partners wish to enable the network’s key regional governmental bodies to exchange experiences. Another goal is establishing strategic cooperation related to new approaches, projects and solutions, thus ensuring the transfer of the findings into regional renewable energy sources policies.

The 14 partners from 11 EU Member States and Iceland include expert regions in wind power, hydropower, solarthermal, photovoltaic, biomass, geothermal, and ocean energy, as well as learning regions. All of the partners are committed to making a contribution to the achievement of EU 2020 renewable energy strategy targets.

Outputs of the RENREN project include policy recommendations to aid all partners and other EU Regions to optimise their policy frameworks and achieve or go beyond their stated renewable energy targets.


Press Release of RENREN participation on RETS Conference
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