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Province of Varese in Lombardy. What a magnificent vision!

At sunset you could see the seven lakes. Believe me you can tour the whole of France and Germany, but you will never experience the same feelings - Henry Beyle – Stendhal

_carte___Varese_._png_Varese is one of the most beautiful provinces in Italy. Its perfect geographic position at the outlet of alpine valleys and between the two important routes of Sempione and Gottard, has undoubtedly influenced the social evolution of the people. It is an industrial and touristic area which also boasts much of historical interest as well as beauty scenery and facilities throughout the territory that can satisfy all needs. It is easily accessible by any means of transport (the international Airport of Malpensa is located in this area) It is a pleasant and attractive location for the enterprises too.

The province of Varese is characterized by a strong vocation to the entrepreneurship and the manufacturing one.

A small province relatively as dimensions, but the elevated concentration of enterprises and population make it one of the territories more industrialized and rich of Europe.

Varese is to the first places among the Italian provinces for weight of the industry in the composition of the total assistant value and alone produces an industrial assistant value similar to that of whole regions (as, for example, the Liguria or the Friuli Venezia Julia).

The economic weight of the province of Varese (export; manufacturing assistant value) it is more proportional to the physical (population) weight. On the territory in the time has born a virtuous circle to the presence of the manufacturing industry.

In the province there are 90.759 enterprises, which are active in different sectors, from manufacturing to services. Great part of them are small and medium size enterprises.

Energy-environmental planning: Varese’s experience

The Province of Varese has specific competence in energy-environmental planning, having managed multi-stakeholder processes as Agenda 21, where the attention was focused on energy efficiency and renewable sources. This has led both to the creation of a local network of stakeholders.(i.e. associations, local authorities. schools, practitioners) that allows the dissemination of information through the website, and the development of local projects (“Our schools for the sustainable energy”).

The Province of Varese played a coordination role in the management of 2 calls for the Lombardy region, co-financing public and private parties for the installation of photovoltaic panels on the province area.
The following good practices are available in the Province of Varese:

  • Agenda 21: Table for energy and environmental sustainability 2005/2006;
  • Guidelines for energy and environmental sustainability in buildings 2006;
  • Action: Our school for sustainable energy 2006/2007/2008/2009;
  • Awareness actions (sustainable office, evening seminars of domestic ecology; several seminars on photovoltaic and solar thermic ,etc.) 2006/2008
  • Energy Manager 2002/2008.

The Province of Varese hopes to exchange and learn from the good practices of the other local authority partners and the competence centers in the RETS project so that it can further implement policy in renewable energies in its territory.

The Province of Varese had previous experience of the partner in interregional cooperation and Structural Funds financed projects  like European Project ALTENER. (2001/2002).

The study resulted in the pilot project “VA.RE.S.E. VAlorization of REnewable energy resources for a Sustainable Environment and Development in the Province of Varese, North Italy, Lombardy region and other EU areas” highlighting the strategy and further planning of actions, which aimed at optimizing and increasing the environmental, economic and technological performances for the use of renewable sources in Varese province.

A second experience was about PROJECT P.E.R.L.A, 2003. The project developed a study of energy components in the companies selected for the “pilot project, rural economy, wood, environment”. The objective of the survey was to identify the feasibility of use of biomass in the companies.


The province of Varese, Italy, is interested in the implementation of RES policies and has acquired experience in establishing a local network for disseminating information on renewable energy sources.

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