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Sittard-Geleen is a young city. On 1 January 2001, the towns of Sittard, Geleen and Born were joined to become one municipal organisation. This created one of the largest municipalities in Limburg. Nearly 100,000 people live in an urban area that covers 8,000 hectares. The city has 5 urban districts consisting of 26 wards in total. Main topics: Chemical industries and ORBIS Medical Park, Sport-zone and Barge terminal Born

Chemical site

Image-chemical-site-sittard.gif800 ha site, one of the largest integrated sites in Europe
Shared infrastructure, Shared utilities (electricity, steam, nitrogen, …) > USG bv
Shared permit for the site > CSP bv
Focus on chemicals, materials, Service supply,Integrated Site concept
Expansion possible > “Plug & Play” on industrial plant scale

 “Chemelot is more than just an industrial park. It is a unique chemical and materials community that ensures accelerated business growth through the open exchange of ideas. Chemelot has been planned around one central idea: to bring together the knowledge and skills normally found only in major organizations, and to apply these within a flexible community of small and large chemical businesses, radically changing the view of the chemical industry.
Here at Chemelot, various world-renowned companies are creating the most successful and innovative chemical and materials community in the Netherlands. This is happening in an environment which allows like-minded companies of any age and size to benefit from shared knowledge, short distances, excellent facilities and open innovation to accelerate the development of new products and product applications.
Chemelot is not for everyone, but not everyone thinks as we do. If you share our philosophy, we’d like to invite you to ‘re-locate your thinking’ to Chemelot, the chemical innovation community. Because innovative chemistry begins here”.

Orbis Medical Park (OMP)

Image-OMP1-Sittard.gifOrbis Medical Park (OMP) is a Hospital complex with complementary facilities in separate buildings consisting of a "Zorgboulevard" (which provides housing to agencies and schooling for medical supporting services i.e. insurance agencies, etc.), the Care and Nursing facilities / Paramedic Centre, Power Plant, underground car park and Landscaping.Image-OMP2-Sittard.gif

The construction of the OMP started in the 2nd quarter of 2005, is to be completed in 2008 and is currently valued at approximately € 210 milj., and has a size of approximately 100.000 m2. For this project Turner & Townsend was a finalist in the British Expertise International Awards 2007/8.


Sport zone Limburg



Sittard-Geleen has been designated as being correct heart of the Limburg sport area. In the area around the football station in 2010, the Limburg sport campus is built. Here sport brio can develop as a sportsman, professional and as people. There training facilities and game accommodations come which meet all international requirements. And the Limburg sport campus becomes establishment spot for regional and national training centers.


Barge Terminal Born

Image-Terminalbarge-Sittard.gifBarge Terminal Born (BTB) and Rail Terminal Born (RTB), specialised in container transport to and from the European interior, form the only tri-modal Trans European Inland Terminal (TEIT) in the Benelux - a 'hub‘ where water, road and rail meet. Together, BTB (4.5 ha) and RTB (6.5 ha) handle the transhipment of over 100,000 TEU (Twenty feet Equivalent Unit) per year, and they are continuing to grow. for 2010, the expected volume is 350,000 TEU. Their success is based on several factors: the strategic location at the intersection of European transport routes, the proximity of large industrial and consumer markets, and the unusual combination of road, water and rail access. The industries in the immediate vicinity benefit from being able to transport products via Born to the European interior. The location is also an ideal hub for routing goods from Rotterdam and Antwerp to industrial areas in Limburg, Germany and Belgium. An extra benefit is the proximity of Maastricht Aachen Airport, the second largest airport in the Netherlands.


Es project member Sittard-Geleen will deliver also 5 cases of best-practices. She will also share the knowledge gathered by ‘day-to-day' practices. The city has got her sustainability targets formulated and want to bring them in practice. The sharing of knowledge can help to implement them in the most practical way. One of the main sustainability projects is called the “green net”, in which industrial heath is converted in public warmth and energy (see also the website: )

Gemeente Sittard-Geleen
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Sittard-Geleen City

Rogier Dieteren

Energy coordinator
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Tel. +31 46 (0) 4778667
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Ruud Guyt

Alderman of Environmental Affairs
Hub Dassenplein 3
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Han Hoogma

Account manager Chemistry & Energy
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Jos Jansen

Policymaker environmental affairs
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Fax. +31 46 (0) 4778773