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The Municipality of Sertã is located in central Portugal and it fits in NUT II Pinhal Interior Sul. Sertã has 446.6 km2, 16.721 inhabitants (2001 Census), and a population density of 37.4 inhabitants/km2. It has small population centers scattered throughout its area, surrounded by an extensive forest area. The local economy depends heavily on income from forest (wood and related products). The physiographic of the region with mountains has allowed the use of wind energy, in the last years.

Municipality of Sertã has a biomass unit for the production of energy and there are many biomass resources in this area. It has developed a strategy to promote and use renewable energies, namely in biomass.

As a local authority, the Municipality of Sertã is in good position to influence local/regional policies.

Municipality of Sertã expects to contribute to the project through its experience in the use of biomass energy and aims to consolidate and develop a multi municipal strategy in renewable energies in public and private sectors. It also expects to benefit from the content of the cooperation after the evaluation of the possibilities to use others sources of renewable energies compatible with the municipality’s resources.

There are also other best practices examples to be shared in the project near the Municipality of Sertã.


The town of Sertã (PT) leads the communication component of RETS Project. That includes the communication plan at the beginning of the project, outlining the different communication activities and the roles of the different partners.

Sertã also defined and designed the project graphic identity and the general marketing tools. The dissemination activities will include:

  • production of marketing materials
  • organisation and participation in conferences and events
  • online presence and communication
  • publications on the results

General marketing materials will be produced to support the partners in their local promotion of the project.

Sertã will also edit the quarterly newsletter (with contributions from each partner).

The project communication plan will target local authority policy makers and civil servants (in particular those with less than 25,000 inhabitants, but not exclusively), and specialized renewable energies experts and agencies. The project communication plan aims to make the project achievements and results visible both within the project partner regions and throughout the European Union, and even further.

RETS will make use of both traditional (conferences, paper publications, newsletters) and new forms of communication (website, mailing lists, online collaborative tool) for its dissemination.

Câmara Municipal da Sertã
Largo do Município
6100-738 Sertã

Sertã Town Council

José Farinha NUNES

Largo do Município
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