IESR.gifIESR - Instute for Environment, Sustainability and Regeneration

The Institute for Environment, Sustainability and Regeneration is a Research Institute of Staffordshire University, based in Stoke-on-Trent, England.

Founded in 2002, IESR’s researchers have undertaken projects for local and national government, for charities and for businesses in a wide variety of areas in the environment field.

Major projects include the National Population Database for the Health and Safety Executive; Renewable Energy Supply Chain Opportunities for Advantage West Midlands; Investigating Environmental Justice in Scotland for the Scotland and Northern Ireland Forum for Environmental Research (SNIFFER) and the Living in Stoke on Trent project for the Medical Research Council. IESR has a dedicated GIS mapping facility, a cartographer and an environmental chamber capable of re-creating extreme environmental conditions. 

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Staffordshire University is leading the work on Gird for Best Practices to support renewable energy and  energy efficiency.

At the local authority level there are a number of policies that can be used.

  • Local authorities making use of renewable energy and energy efficiency techniques in their own buildings (e.g. town halls, swimming pools) or through the development of new exemplar buildings. In some countries the provision of social housing by local authorities allows neighbourhood level schemes such as widespread installation of PV or district heating.
  • Training, accreditation and education schemes. This maybe to training people to install and maintain renewable technologies, to accredit existing skilled trades people to provide confidence to consumers, or the provision of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in technical and research orientated renewable energy.
  • Schemes to assist the private sector such as supporting feasibility studies , soft loans or grants for installation, development of local supply chains, assistance with market research, new technology development, knowledge transfer between universities and businesses.
  • The emergence of community owned energy schemes, often based on an income stream produced by feed in tariffs.
  • Local authority planning and procurement policies that support renewable energy and the low carbon agenda.

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