ICEMENERG.gifICEMENERG - S.C. Filiata Institutul de Cercetãri si Modernizãri Enegetice S.A. - Instutut National

ICEMENERG was established in 1960 and is a prestigious institute in the energy research field in Romania. Until 1990 ICEMENERG was subordinated to the former Ministry of Electric Energy. Between 1990 and 1998 it was integrated into the Autonomous  Electricity Authority - RENEL (a horizontally and vertically integrated state monopoly in the electric and thermal energy sector).

Since 2003 ICEMENERG was a subsidiary (with legal status) of the National Electricity Transmission Company –TRANSELECTRICA S.A. and only recently, through the GD no. 925 of 01.09.2010, ICEMENERG became the National Energy Research-Development Institute – ICEMENERG under the coordination of the Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Business Environment.

The main activities of INCDE-ICEMENERG are:

  • Research-development activities in the energy field:
  • Research on advanced energy generation technologies;
  • Research on renewable energy sources;
  • Research on energy efficiency increase;
  • Research and studies for the substantiation of the energy policy measures at the national level
  • Research on predictive maintenance and diagnosis technologies and methods for the power installations
  • Engineering and consulting activities in the energy field

The management of  INCDE-ICEMENERG is ensured by:

  • the Board of Directors appointed through order of the Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Business Environment with Approval of the State  Authority for Research and Development
  • The General Director
  • The Managing Board, made up of the General Director, Scientific Secretary and the heads of the main units from the organizational structure.

The organizational structure includes the following research centers and administrative departments:
Energy Efficiency Center

  • Materials and Equipment Expertise Center
  • Biomass - Based Economy Center    
  • Renewable Energy Center
  • ICEMENERG Publishing House
  • Economic Department
  • Marketing Departament



The main activities from the RETS project in which ICEMENERG is involved are the following :

  • Participation in the steering committees
  • Preparation of  Progress Reports
  • Participation in the three conferences organized during the project development, the launching, intermediate and closing one, respectively.
  • Participation in national and international Conferences abroad with a view to disseminating the activities and the results of the RETS projects to the interested factors (local authorities, experts, politicians)
  • Collecting good practices of RES utilization at the level of the local authorities from Romania in order to disseminate them  at the national and European level
  • Development of a good practice guide in the field of RES utilization.
  • Participation in the study visits and seminars organized during the development of the project.
  • Preparation and organization of a international seminar for the local authorities in June 2010 in Romania
  • Participation in the collaborative activities that are organized within the project: training for RES experts, selection of information sources, production and translation of articles.

Energy Research and Modernizing Institute-ICEMENERG S.A.
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Gheorghe OLTEANU

General Director
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Project Manager
Energeticienilor Blvd 8
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