Project Organisation

The project is divided into 4 interrelated components. Components 1 (project management) and 2 (dissemination) are transversal components and will support the core RETS activities developed in components 3 (exchange of experiences) and 4 (Renewable energy policies for local authorities collaborative tool). Each component has a dedicated leader who will supervise the work and ensure that the foreseen tasks are carried out on time.

Component 1 Title Management and coordination
Responsible ADEC
Planned Result A well managed project reaching its objectives, without serious conflict between the partners, without irregularities and with smooth reporting to the programme
Component 2 Title Communication and dissemination
Responsible Câmara Municipal da Sertã
Activities Component 2 will support the dissemination of the project activities through 3 international conferences, a project web site, regular newsletters, conference interventions, participation in events and general marketing tools (presentation, leaflet, and brochure).
Planned Result Respond to the needs of local authorities to integrate renewable energy policies into their territorial strategies through widely communicating and disseminating on the project activities and actions
Component 3 Title Exchange of experiences dedicated to the identification and analysis of good practices
Responsible Institute for Environment, Sustainability and Regeneration
Activities Seminars, conferences and study visits will be used as instruments to exchange on ideas and practices between the members of the network.
The activities will be carried out in a two-step approach: first, the activities will concern the participating project partners, and in a second step activities will be widened to all policymakers in the partner regions and opened to other regions in Europe.
Three working groups will be set up in order to prepare and implement three different and complementary activities, each being managed by a specific partner.
  • WG Regional RES initiatives: collect and analysis renewable energy initiatives and produce a good practice guidebook.
  • WG Study visits: prepare and organisation 6 study visits
  • WG Renewable energy seminars for local authorities: organise 10 seminars in each partner region.
Planned Result Provide simple guidance and best practice tools for local authorities to help them make informed choices for the implementation of the most effective and relative renewable energy strategy within their territories
Component 4 Title RES policies collaborative tool for local authorities
Responsible ADEC
Activities The component will be managed by a working group made up of RES experts and local authority users. The collaborative tool will integrate three interrelated modules:
  • An online web portal for local authorities publishing the project good practices and articles (collected through components 3 & 4)
  • A wiki, publishing renewable energy articles enriched by experts and local authority partners (adding or associating articles, local case studies, good practices collected in component 3)
  • A strategic high value added information service for RES experts, based on competitive intelligence software, that collects, selects and delivers up-to-date information according to predefined themes and information sources built on searching scenario. 
As far as possible a collaborative online approach will be used to communicate and advance the project work in this area.
Planned Result Create an online RES (Renewable energies) community bringing together local authorities and RES experts through the set up of a collaborative tool, allowing them to find, exchange, discuss and transfer information on renewable energies in an innovative way