Inter-network Meeting on Renewable Energies Strategies, Marseille, France

14th November 2012

"Renewable Energies in Europe and in the Mediterranean: working together to face the challenges of the future"

Organised by: RETS project and IMEDER Network with the support of RENREN project

40 participants

Objective: To explore the potential of new cooperation possibilities between mediterranean countries and Northern European Regions, in the renewable energy field.

The idea was to organize a networking seminar on themes such as: funding possibilities for RES, RES and Education, R&D, governance and energy mix for local authorities. There were present: RETS partners, Members of the IMEDER Network, RENREN partners, INTERREG secretariat, The Ministry of Climate Protection in Rheinlad Pfalz and Greenovate.

The main conclusions of this networking day were:

  • To build links within RES-oriented networks and related sectors;
  • To activate partner regions in order to work on the transferability of good practices;
  • To find good businees models so that RES intiatives could be successful;
  • To use financial incentives, at least in the initial phases in order to kickstart change;
  • To use training, education, certifications and label in order to change mentalities and inspire trust in renewable energies technologies;
  • to find special administrative and financial skills in order to write sound projects and find funding for them, as well as manage them;
  • to involve SMEs and fostering multi-stakeholder projects in RES fields.





09:30 - Introducing the Global Context

- Catherine Ledig, ADEC Director and RETS project coordinator, France
- Christine Blot, Head of the RES department at the Perpignan and Pyrénées Orientales Chamber of Commerce and Industrie, IMEDER Association and RES Club 66 project manager, France
- Thomas Engelke, Deputy Director (Schleswig-Holstein), Hanse-Office, RENREN, Germany

10:30 - Round Table : "Implementing an Energy Mix Strategy: Challenges and Opportunities"

Hosted by: Michael Lill, Zetis director, Germany

- Catherine Ledig, ADEC Director and RETS project coordinator, France
- Touzani Abdekrim, ADEREE National Agency for the Development of Renewable Energies, Morocco
- Mohammed Lasry, AMISOLE Moroccan Association for Wind and Solar Industries, Morocco
- Jean-Luc Allouche, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Marseille Provence
- Naoufel Sahi , ANME National Energy Agency, Tunisia
- Tahar Achour, CSNER National Professional Association for Renewable Energies, Tunisia
- Mr. Philippe Nicole, DGS, City of Pezenas, France
- Mr. Jake Hollyfield, Eco Centre Wales, United Kingdom
- Han Hoogma, Sittard-Geleen, Netherlands
- Christelle Bedes, ADEME, France

11:15 - Round Table : "Mutualisation, Capitalisation and Funding Perspectives"

Hosted by: Jon Fairburn, IESR Staffordshire University, United Kingdom

- Philippe Zanin, Programme Med
- Elisabeth Prevot, European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument ENPI, France
- Catherine Ledig, ADEC Director and RETS project coordinator
- Steffen Erdle , Union for the Mediterranean
- Gilles Charrier : Director competitiveness cluster DERBI
- Vlasta Krmelj, Director Energap, Slovenia
- Cesare Bottelli, Provincia de Varese, Italia

12:30 - Lunch break

14:00  - First series parallel interactive workshops :

- A1. Crossborder areas: specific challenges and opportunities?
workshop leader: Catherine Ledig, Directrice ADEC, France
- A2. Education, training and renewable energies
workshop leader: Jake Hollyfield, Director Eco Centre Wales, United Kingdom
- A3. Policy recommandations for local governance
workshop leader: Vlasta Krmelj, Director ENERGAP, Slovenia

15:15 - Coffee Break

15:45 - Second series of paralle interactive workshops :

- B1. ICT tools for renewable energy projects: communication, awareness raising, project management
workshop leader:Emmanuel Jacquet, ADEC, France and Imane Torralba, IMEDER, France
- B2. Engaging SMEs and entrepreneurs, Economic diversification for rural areas
workshop leader: Cesare Bottelli, Provincia de Varese and Gilles Charrier, Director DERBI, France.

17:00 - Feedback from the workshops and conclusions


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