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Ministerul Dezvoltarii Regionale si Turismului – MDRT - Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism
The Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism (MRDT/MDRT) has as main areas of activity planning, national and regional territorial development, cross-border, transnational and interregional cooperation, urban planning and spatial planning, housing construction, tourism.

Autoritatea Nationala de Reglementare in domeniul Energiei - ANRE  - Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority
Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority - ANRE - is a public independent body of national interest whose mission is to create and implement the appropriate regulatory system to ensure the proper functioning of the electricity, heat and gas markets,  in terms of efficiency, competition, transparency and consumer protection. 

Operatorul Pietei de Energie Electrica din Romania – OPCOM - The Romanian Energy Market Operator
According to the legislation in force, OPCOM is the manager of the electricity market and also the organizer and manager of the green certificate market

Agentia Pentru Eficienta Energetica si Energii Regenerabile Ploiesti Prahova - AE3R - Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Agency Ploiesti-Prahova
The Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Agency Ploiesti Prahova - AE3R – is a non-governmental, non-profit organization centered on the energy strategy and research whose mission is:

  • to promote energy efficiency and utilization of alternative energy sources (rational utilization of energy and development of potential alternative energy  based on innovative technologies);
  • to implement projects in the energy efficiency field;
  • to inform, organize training sessions, disseminate and organize  campaigns for increasing awareness in the field of energy efficiency and utilization of alternative energy sources.

Agentia Locala a Energiei Alba - ALEA - Alba Local Energy Agency
Local agency at the level of the Alba County which aims at developing energy policies at the county and local level

Asociatia Municipiilor din Romania-AMR - Romanian Municipalities Association
Non-governmental and non-political organization that aims at promoting public administration in its relationships with the central authorities. Promoter of RES utilization at the level of the local authorities.

Asociatia Patronala Surse Noi de Energie - SunE
New Energy Sources Entrepreneurs Association
Association of Entrepreneurs from the industry, commerce and sevices and physical persons whose activity in the RES field has let to the development of RES in Romania



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