Joint Seminar at European Sustainable Energy Week 2012, Brussels, Belgium

19th June 2012

"Regions and local authorities working together to support the European goals in RES.
How we can support the realisation of the European Commission Goals in RES?"

Organised by: RENREN project and RETS project

35 participants

Objective: To explore how the regional level can support the expectations of the local level in renewable energy implementation.

The results of the 2 projects could be put into perspective. The event discussed different ways the regional level can support local authorities in the implementation of RES policies. Members of the 2 projects presented project recommendations, as well as innovative ways of collaboration between different actors, and illustrating them with concrete good practices.

Representatives from the Covenant of Mayors office and local energy agencies were also invited to present the status of the Sustainable Energy Actions Plan in the field of RES. The Covenant of Mayors identified some areas for future capitalisation and exchange.
The event, led by a journalist, was concluded by a round-table debate discussing the main themes of the seminar and answering the questions from the floor. The event successfully brought together key people working in the field of renewable energies and  succeeded in promoting the RETS and RENREN project activities.






Moderator: Angelina Herrmanns

13:00 - Official opening by RENREN proejct, Wolfgang Schulz
            RES for local sustainable energy, Pirita Lindholm, SEAP
            RENREN policy recommendations, Thomas Engelke
            RETS innovative collaboration between local authorities, development agencies and universities, John Fairburn

14:30 - Break

15:00 - Regional instruments for supporting local authorities, Ulf von Sydow
            Innovative deep geothermal energy utilization and training skills for green jobs: Two regional good practice examples, Catherine Ledig
            Regions and local authorities working together, Natalia Diaz de Arcaya

16:00 - Panel Discussion:

- How can regions support local authorities for project implementation?
- What support do local authorities need from regions?
- How can both project networks cooperate with the Covenant of Mayors?

            Pirita Lindholm - Thomas Engelke - Ulf von Sydow - John Fairburn - Catherine Ledig

17:00 - Summary of the Event

The speakers:
Angelina Herrmanns - Moderator - Journalist
Pirita Lindholm - Representative of the Covenant of Mayors Office
John Fairburn - RETS. Business School, Staffordshire University, United Kingdom
Wolfgang Schulz - Project Coordinator RENREN. Land Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Natalia Daz Arcaya - Representative of Ente Vasco de la Energía. Gobierno Vasco, Basque Country Regional Government , Spain
Catherine Ledig - Project Coordinator RETS. Director of ADEC and Associate Professor in the Faculty of Law at the University of Strasbourg, France
Thomas Engelke - RENREN. Hanse-Office. Joint Representation of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and the State of Schleswig-Holstein to the EU
Ulf von Sydow - RENREN. Regional Council of Jämtland, Sweden


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