Collaboration with IMEDER Network

IMEDER - Institut MEDiterranéen des Energies Renouvelables

IMEDER is an association, which is open to all renewable energies stakeholders and projects from the 44 countries of the Union for the Mediterranean.
RETS project and IMEDER network are complementary in their objectives and in the geographic cover, opening the EU to the over Mediterranean sea possibilities.

RETS collaborate with IMEDER Network on the following activities:

  • IMEDER was publicly presented  in RETS Seminar in Pézenas, on 27th March 2011.
  • Two members of the institute IMEDER attended a transfer seminar at ADEC where they worked on the RETS collaborative approach (wiki, business watch).
  • Members of IMEDER Network were present at RETS Final Conference, on 16th October 2012.
  • RETS and IMEDER made a Joint network seminar, in Marseille, on the 14th November 2012:
    • The objective was to invite members of the IMEDER network as well as RENREN project.
    • The topics covered were:
      • funding possibilities for RES;
      • RES and Education;
      • R&D;
      • governance;
      • energy mix for local authorities.


Network presentation

IMEDER network (created in June 11, 2009), aims to unite the professional world of renewable energy around collaborative projects integrating public and private actors as well as training centers, research laboratories.
Its objectives are:

  • to develop trade, intra Mediterranean flows and North / South relations
  • to accelerate the transfer of technology
  • to ensure synergy between research and industrial applications
  • to promote the implementation of projects tailored to populations' needs.


IMEDER Network fields are:

Engineering Project - advising project sponsors, providing expertise on projects, developing collaborative programs and facilitating the mounting of  international partnerships;
Research and Development - developing calls for projects (collaborative, regional, transnational, involving research laboratories, companies and universities) and hosting search structures;
Accrediting training - acording the criteria of a labeling charter (contents of the training, organizational arrangements, stakeholders);
Good practice exchange - being a source of contacts and encouraging exchanges between enterprises of countries of the Union for the Mediterranean. For this, the IMEDER organizes events, seminars, study visits and disseminates operations or programs undertaken by various partners.of good practices.


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