RETS Project Final Conference, Strasbourg, France

16th October 2012


Strasbourg hosted RETS Final Conference “Energy-mix challenges for local authorities”, on 16th October 2012, at the Conseil Général du Bas-Rhin.
Participants took part in a networking lunch and visited the exhibition of collaborative tools for renewable energies, good practice transfer and exchange that was set-up for the occasion. This exhibition was made up of:

  • a hands-on online platform where it was possible to explore the RETS wiki and website, and find out about the competitive intelligence system.
  • a bilingual French-English poster exhibition illustrating the outputs of the project.

The objective of the conference was to showcase the main outputs and results of the RETS project and show how the tools developed by the project can help local authority policy makers to make crucial decisions on how to implement an energy-mix. Additional guest speakers were also invited to showcase regional and local examples of good practices and illustrate specific elements linked to the global context of renewable energies.
More than 140 people coming from all over Europe participated at the event. A further 30 persons followed the conference online through live-streaming.
In order to further promote and share the afternoon's discussions, the conference was streamed on the internet in English. All the presentations where recorded in their original language and are available for viewing at the following link:


Energy-mix challenges for local authorities


12:00    Registration and Networking lunch for all participants.
            Exhibition of collaborative tools for renewable energy, good practice transfer and exchange.
13:45    Welcome and introduction, Rémi Bertrand, Conseil Général du Bas-Rhin, France.
14:00    Energy for agricultural areas: a tandem with a bright future (FR), Laurent Klein, SAF – Agriculteurs de France.
14:20    Renewable energies for local and regional policymakers: the RETS project challenges and outcomes, Catherine Ledig, ADEC, France.
14:40    RETS project compendium: results and recommendations, Jon Fairburn, Staffordshire University, United Kingdom.
15:00    RETS for local authorities: learning, strategy and implementation, Ruud Guyt, Sittard-Geleen, Netherlands.

15:20    Coffee break.

15:50    Renewable energy policy in Rheinland-Palatinate, Margit Mohr, Germany.
16:05    Renewable Energy Regions Network (RENREN) policy recommendations to support European Goals on Renewables,
            Wolfgang Schulz, Land Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.
16:20    The energy and renewable energies market: towards a single market in 2014 (FR), Fréderique Berrod,
            Fédération de recherche L'Europe en mutation, France
16:45    Interregional Cooperation – State of Play and Perspectives, Martina Bacova, INTERREG IVC programme, Lille, France.
17:00    Discussion and conclusion.
17:30    End of conference

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Bilingual French-English poster exhibition illustrating the outputs of the project

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Conference speakers

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  Live-streaming and recorded of the conference





Salle de séance
Conseil Général du Bas-Rhin
Place du Quartier Blanc
F-67000 Strasbourg
T: 0033 3 88 76 67 67