Stoke Local Services. Stoke-on-Trent Council

Recharge Scheme, Kirklees Metropolitan Council

Islands going green, Isle of Eigg, Scotland


The New Energy Sources Entrepreneurs' Association SunE

Climate Change, Energy Education and Engagement with Non-specialists

Kindergarten - Low Emission House, Cuveglio, Varese

A Regional Investment Plan to Promote the Development of Photovoltaics

GEDD Masters Degree for Energy Law and Management, Alsace

COPROTEC Professional Training

Photovoltaic Observatory, Chamber of Agriculture, Alsace

"100% of the power needs from renewable sources by 2017 - direct purchase of power from wind energy."

"Zero Emission" District and Regional Value Creation by Means of Renewable Energy in the Rhein-Hunsruck District in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

Zero Emission Village Weilerbach

Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant on the Fritz Walter World Cup Football Stadium in Kaiserslautern

Energy Landscape - Solar, Wind and Biomass Energy, Morbach

Photovoltaic System - Budapest

Photovoltaic System - Oroshaza

Photovoltaic System - Godollo

Energy Policy Saving Measures

The Installation of 96 Solar Heating Panels on the Roof of the Serta Municipal Swimming Pool in Serta

Solar Energy, Floresti

Solar and Wind Energy, Pianu

Local Energy Agency Alba

Solar Villages Project, Kirklees Metropolitan Council

Power Roofs, South Yorkshire Housing Association

A Competiviness Cluster for Renewable Energy (DERBI Cluster)

Cross the Border Energetic Optimization and MUNIEnergy in Pinhel

Photovoltaic system at Associazione Piccole Medie Industrie della Provincia di Varese

Solar Energy, primary school, Municipality of Selnice of Dravi

Electric mobility in Maribor and the region of upper Podravje

Renewable Energy Advice Service - Pembrokeshire, Wales