Seminar in Bucharest - 14th - 16th June 2011

Renewable Energies Transfer System (RETS) seminars
14th - 16th June 2011
Bucharest Seminar

Tuesday, 14th June 2011

Gheorghe Olteanu-ICEMENERG
Catherine Ledig – ADEC- France


Module 1: Policies and regulations in the renewable energy  sources valorization field

Chair Gheorghe Olteanu, ICEMENERG

Vasile Rugina -  ICEMENERG - Policy measures to exploit renewable energy in Romania (RO)
Georgeta Stanciulescu - Renewable Energies Consultant - Implications for Romania results from the application of the promotion of RES (RO)
Serban Danciu - Building Performance Institute Europe - Buildings "NZE" European target impossible without RES (RO)
Simona  Radu - Environmental University, Bucharest - Ecological University of Bucharest (RO)
Catherine Ledig -  ADEC, France - Clustering and Networking for RES companies (EN)


Module 2: The role of the local energy agencies in the implementation of the renewable energy sources projects

Chair: Maria Rugina, ICEMENERG

Simona Tekavec, Klavdija Polutnik, ENERGAP, Maribor - EnergaP Energy agency of Podravje – institution for sustainable energy use (EN)
Ion Dogeanu - AEEPM, Bucharest - AEEPM Agency for Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection Bucharest (EN)
Florin Andronescu - Local Energy Agency Alba (ALEA)  - ALEA promoter of sustainable energy in Alba County (ROM)

Wednesday, 15th June 2011


Module 3 : Biomass, the energy resource with the highest potential in Romani

Chair: Cristian Tantareanu, ENERO - Biomass, the energy resource with the highest potential in Romania

Ruby Hammer - Staffordshire University, UK - Biomass: The UK Experience (EN)

Lavinia Andrei - Terra Mileniul III - Sustainable use biomass for energy (RO)
Ciprian Chisega - OVM -  ICCPET - Renewable energy - a chance for Romania's sustainable development (RO)
Carmen Mateescu - ICPE-CA  - Biomass to biogas in rural places (EN)


Module 4: Financing of renewable energy sources valorization projects

Chair: Vasile Rugina, ICEMENERG

Cristian Georgescu - MECMA-DGE-OIE - Structural funds to finance investment projects in energy sector (RO)
Irina Nicolau - ANRE - Project Financing RES capitalization (RO)
Robert Ghelasi - Capital Partners - Capital Partners (RO)


Thursday, 16th June 2011

Module 5: Qualification and Training of the workforce on renewable energy 

Chair: Maria Rugina, ICEMENERG

Adela Bara - INCDIE ICPE CA - Qualification and certification of installers in RES Sector – from the need to the opportunity (RO)
Mihaela Sarbu - TUV Nord, Romania - Formation and confirmation of skills in renewable energy (RO)
Peter Praczki - Local authority Vecses -  Education and renewable energy (EN)

Video presented by Vecsés Partner - Tessera Solar International – Avga, Turkye:

Module 6: Utilization of solar energy for heat and electricity production

Chair: Dan Ilie Teodoreanu, ICPE

Nicolae Olariu - SUNE - Sun-E Initiative: “Energy Independence Declaration”(EN)
Gheorghe Pauna - ICEMENERG  - Using solar energy to produce heat and electricity (RO)
Petre Butu - SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC - REN BU Solutions Overview (EN)
Cristian Lungu -  EOSOL DESIGN - Photovoltaic solar central (RO)

Closing of the seminar:
Peter Praczki - Vecses, Ungaria
Ruby Hammer - Staffordshire University, UK
Maria Rugina - ICEMENERG

Bucharest Seminar - Attitude survey Video


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